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nothing at all
because there is a tablet

This lady yearns to fool everyone, not only in Russia but also in London, lol

One girl made an order with Actimel previously paid two thousand russian money. She was waiting for 7 months, and after the required money back, because Aconitea did not fulfill the commission. To which she replied rudeness, did not return the money, and left for London.

'sorry for my accent, it's Google translator'


1. mere trifle those are your two thousand, they are not enough to fly off to london

2. you are close-knit school students

3. steal, condemn da ba dee da ba die (was the rhyme)

4. creative crisis lasts a month? weakly seven?

5. I put the actimel on your orders

6. that awkward feeling when the customer demands money back

7. I’ll draw a girl on a white background, and you give me 2000

А вообще аконита поступила крайне подло, ругаться матом, хамить и обзывать заказчицу отверстием и дыркой - последнее дело. Никогда в жизни не буду брать за комиссию два косаря :Ю

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